Friday, 14 August 2015

WIP Park Bench

 This is what we have achieved so far with Park Bench. Our (Thelma and I) monthly sewing days have been quite productive :))
All the blocks on the left are mine, I'm using solids. Thelma's blocks are so nice and bright.

Block 1 - Picnic

Block 2 - Ball Game

Block 3 - Hopscotch

Block 4 - Sing-along

Block 5 - Festival

Block 6 - Card Game

Block 8 - Stroll

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  1. These are looking lovely, I particularly like the blues and oranges together on block 3. I am not familiar with the park bench quilt, but it looks like these will be fantastic all put together!

  2. It's a beautiful pattern, your blocks are lovely. Keep up the good work, it's going to be fantastic!

  3. These look great. I've started this project and gotten stalled, sigh. My blocks do not look as good as yours, I'm afraid.