Thursday, 28 November 2013


I just wanted to use these lovely Avalon range by Fig Tree for something, little things as prints are small and dainty. So I went to get some cotton chenille toweling fabric and made dishcloths/washcloths for Kris Kingle pressies.

They measure 8" x 8"

I did a bit of FMQ on this one, not quite sure if I liked it so leaving the other ones as they are.

Have a lovely weekend, have fun stitch/quilt/knit :)

Finished Mug-Bag

Here is my brand new Mug-Bag!!

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Wednesday, 27 November 2013


This is my my mug-bag which I take to my quilting groups. It looks very sad and worn! Long over due to update!!

Since I can't continue cut/sew with  Happy Go Lucky star quilt, I thought I make myself a new mug-bag with Happy Go Lucky scraps (left over 1 1/2" from small sashing stars)

I love this little stitchery. He is sooo cute.

It has a pocket for tea/coffee bag.

These Matilda's Own circles come in handy. 3 1/2" circle is perfect to cut out base pieces.

And my Christmas canister is handy to place and pin the base on to gathered bottom of bag :)

After stitching the base on to the bag, I just need some strings and a couple of beads to finish it off. Tomorrow I'll be off to my quilting group all prettied up with my new Mug-Bag :)

Happy stitch/quilt/knit :)

Happy Go Lucky Star containues

My Happy Go Lucky stars quilt is coming along very nicely. Stars are pieced all in rows. Since I decided to do 6 stars across and 6 stars down (bigger than actual pattern), 3yards of Bella Solid is not quite enough to finish up my quilt :(

This time I'm sticking to the pattern and doing HSTs borders so I have to get some more Bella Solid to finish it up. While I wait to finish my stars..

I manage to pin my On a Whim by Camille Roskelley.

On a Whim is such a lovely way to show case pretty fabrics :)
Not sure how I'm going to FMQ this one but I will post pictures when it's done!

Happy stitch/quilt/knit :)

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Happy go lucky stars

I started cutting out and piecing a couple of days ago. Fabric line is Happy Go Lucky by Bonnie and Camille. The pattern is called The Stars in Mama's Kitchen by Darlene Zimmerman, free pattern is here. The stars are 4 across and 4 down in the pattern but I'm making my quilt bigger 6 across by 6 down (first plan was 5 across and 5 down, I love this fabric line so I bought them by 1mtr each so I can stretch). Background is Bella Solid by Moda.

Since I decided to add one more row across and one more down, I'm still piecing. Nearly there. I have my Thursday quilting group today so I won't be machining today. 

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Friday, 8 November 2013

My first 'How to'

Yo-Yo thimble case

you need
a piece of fabric 15" x 8" or if you're using scraps 3 pieces of 5" x 8"
oval shape large Yo-Yo maker by Clover
scarp wadding/batting
a bit of plastic template or plastic ice-cream container!
a piece of ribbon 15" long or a twisted cord and some embellishment if you wish

Trace oval shape from Yo-Yo template 3 times on to scrap wadding, do the same with plastic template.

Cut out on traced line on plastic template and cut out a bit over 1/4" from traced line on wadding so that you can't feel the sharp edge of template through the fabric.

Follow steps on Yo-Yo maker's instruction, make 3 oval shape Yo-Yos. I sandwich fabric first then cut out a bit over 1/4", so you're not cutting too large or too small for the template.

Make sure sewing thread ( I double the sewing thread so it doesn't snap when drawing) is long enough to go all the way round Yo-Yo maker before cutting it. Now stitch in and out all the way round ( I overlap the last stitch). After stitching is done, pop out the fabric and place wadding first then the template on top on wrong side of fabric.

Draw the sewing thread all the way to close up at the center and do a few stitches to secure the Yo-Yo.

Sew 2 Yo-Yos together on long edges, just on one side. Then sew the tassel secure.

Fold the ribbon half and tie a knot on one end. Pull a bead through. (I only do this to secure the ribbon without putting the stitches in ribbon)

And another bead.

After stitching up 3rd Yo-Yo (only on one side) add the ribbon. I leave the small bead inside then stitch up the Yo-Yo so that the ribbon is secured :)

You can embellish any way you like there is no limit. You can make Christmas decorations using fabrics with Christmas prints. You can stitch it all up if you don't want as a trinket case :)

Fun, fast and cute!!

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Op shop vintage linen quilt II

Today finish number 2 is my second Op shop vintage linen quilt. I love look of it how there is no background fabric!

At this stage the top measures 60" square.I'm contemplating adding another row to make it rectangular. See if I could get motivated. I do have a enough 2 1/2" strips and lots of doilies leftover.

Have fun crafting :)