Sunday, 2 August 2015

Another SewTogether Bag

Another SewTogether Bag is in progress today!

Considering this is my third one, it should be a smooth ride.
But... ooops, I attach the zipper wrong way.
So I'm off to reverse sew the zipper :P

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  1. Hope your "oops" is an easy fix.

  2. I scrolled back to see your previous posts about this bag. In the days that I sewed clothing I could put in a zipper without a second thought. Now I'm more hesitant. (I guess a tradeoff is that I'd have been leery of a 1/4" seam back then and now that's the norm!)

  3. Oops...hope the unstitching is as easy as the stitching was! My daughter made me one of these. I really like how much they hold. She made it in really bright colors so I can always find it! Enjoy.

  4. zippers can be tricky! Love your bag!