Saturday, 24 January 2015

Labelled and Ready to go

The baby is born and he is called 'Chase'. The label is sewn on and the quilt is ready for the new born baby!

Here is my way of putting the label on:
It's a bit of a lengthy process but I like how it looks when it's all done!

I write the message out on a piece of paper to start with. Find the middle if preferred.
I have a bad habit of using Artline pen to trace :P it does come off in the wash.

Then to the light-box and trace.

Because I like to do stitcheries on the traced words, I put iron-on light weight fabric (like whisper weft interfacing) on the back of it. So when you stitch it shows up nice and clean on the front.

I like framing the labels, I feel it gives a better finish.
I use DMC, one strand, stem stitch to embroider the words.

This is how it looks on the wrong side, but it won't show on the good side. After doing the stitcheries I cut a piece of iron-on vilene same size as the label and stitch them together with the shiny side of the vilene facing the right side of the label. Stitch all sides.

Cut vilene so it can be turned right side out.

Trim all corners, be careful not to cut the stitching line.

Then turn it inside out. Push the corners out so they're nice and sharp.

Iron it on to the back of the quilt. I count from one to ten ( it works for me :) )
it should set it.

I do it this way so I'm not folding the edges and pinning them before stitching it down to the quilt.
voila! all flat, nice and neat :)

Last bit, hand sew the label using blind stitch. Blind stitch?? same stitch when hand sewing the binding.

Linking up with finish it up Friday at crazy mom quilts :)


  1. Great little tutorial, thank you!

  2. ♥ My Grandson is the lucky recipient of this gorgeous quilt - THANKS so much for your generosity in gifting such a beautiful quilt that has taken so much time & talent to create!! ♥

  3. Good job! I like your work and keep it up.

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