Friday, 8 November 2013

My first 'How to'

Yo-Yo thimble case

you need
a piece of fabric 15" x 8" or if you're using scraps 3 pieces of 5" x 8"
oval shape large Yo-Yo maker by Clover
scarp wadding/batting
a bit of plastic template or plastic ice-cream container!
a piece of ribbon 15" long or a twisted cord and some embellishment if you wish

Trace oval shape from Yo-Yo template 3 times on to scrap wadding, do the same with plastic template.

Cut out on traced line on plastic template and cut out a bit over 1/4" from traced line on wadding so that you can't feel the sharp edge of template through the fabric.

Follow steps on Yo-Yo maker's instruction, make 3 oval shape Yo-Yos. I sandwich fabric first then cut out a bit over 1/4", so you're not cutting too large or too small for the template.

Make sure sewing thread ( I double the sewing thread so it doesn't snap when drawing) is long enough to go all the way round Yo-Yo maker before cutting it. Now stitch in and out all the way round ( I overlap the last stitch). After stitching is done, pop out the fabric and place wadding first then the template on top on wrong side of fabric.

Draw the sewing thread all the way to close up at the center and do a few stitches to secure the Yo-Yo.

Sew 2 Yo-Yos together on long edges, just on one side. Then sew the tassel secure.

Fold the ribbon half and tie a knot on one end. Pull a bead through. (I only do this to secure the ribbon without putting the stitches in ribbon)

And another bead.

After stitching up 3rd Yo-Yo (only on one side) add the ribbon. I leave the small bead inside then stitch up the Yo-Yo so that the ribbon is secured :)

You can embellish any way you like there is no limit. You can make Christmas decorations using fabrics with Christmas prints. You can stitch it all up if you don't want as a trinket case :)

Fun, fast and cute!!

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